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Gay Executive Officer (G.E.O.) is a non-profit foundation that connects LGBTQ+ senior leaders

Diversity and inclusiveness, it should be on the agenda in every boardroom. How companies grow to an organization that takes full advantage of diversity by being inclusive is a major challenge for many organizations.

We promote the representation and participation of LGBTQ+ professionals in senior leadership positions. G.E.O. has a focus on LGBTQ+ professionals in C-Level and senior leadership positions, emerging talents, and their sponsors.

Exclusive Networking for LGBTQ+ Senior Leaders

We connect LGBTQ+ senior leaders to build stronger alliances with peers by organising various private, small scale network events, as well as exclusive access to our online closed network community of peers.


We offer a mentor-buddy system between LGBTQ+ professionals in top management positions and those who have the potential to grow into such senior leadership positions.


We provide straight ally dinners, in an intimate setting to foster conversations between LGBTQ+ senior leaders and our partners’ straight CEOs. Besides, we host events where LGBTQ+ C-level members share their perspectives and inspire LGBTQ+ key talent and others.


As a member you will have access to our exclusive toolkit which provides a range of policies that can be implemented to achieve LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion objectives.

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Our team

consists of LGBTQ+ professionals with a very strong track record in business. The G.E.O. Foundation is growing rapidly and we are looking to extend our team.

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